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Pre-Pregnancy Care
Ante Natal Tests
Non Invasive Prenatal Test
Chorion Villus Sampling
Preeclampsia Symptoms Signs
Pre-eclampsia Related Conditions
HELLP Syndrome
Preterm Labour Management
Cholestasis of Pregnancy
Fetal Scalp Lactate
Placenta Praevia
Toxoplasma Gonadii
Listeria Monocytogenes
Food Borne Illness
MethylMercury Pregnancy
Smoking in Pregnancy
Alcohol Pregnancy
Illegal Drugs Pregnancy
Environmental Chemicals
Rhesus Negative
CS Incontinence Prolapse
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Birthsafe is a No GAP Obstetric service. It provides
potential and expectant parents with information to
maximize the chance to have a healthy and
successful pregnancy and birth. Preparation would
optimally start prior to pregnancy. Birthsafe allows
you to know your Obstetrician even before your
pregnancy or first visit. It is important to know if
your Obstetrician is easily approachable so you
would be able to get the advice when it is really
needed. Dr Youssif would provide you with a
flexible, fixed, affordable and highest quality care
without increase in cost even if you require extra
visits, admission to hospital during pregnancy or
Caesarean Section.
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